Get a price list for fleet of dedicated trucks with reefer trailers

The best solution for temperature-sensitive and high-risk cargo deliveries is reefer trailers. High-end technique will keep your frozen or fresh food in the best status during all transportation time. Thick walls and extra TAPA locks on a back door will keep any goods you are planning safe and secured till the final destination.

TNDM Trucking is the dedicated carrier that delivers on its clients‘ promises on round-trip bases so that they could focus on the future success of their business because we, at TNDM Trucking, can guarantee personalized, stable, safe & continuous cooperation. Combining a unique proposition of dedicated fleet service while still remaining an independent fleet owner, backed by the Girteka Group, the company is ready to provide tailored transportation services to customers across Europe, who wish to remain in control of their supply chain processes yet do not want to, or do not have the ability, to dip their toes into buying their own trucks.