Girteka Fleet new name -

TNDM Trucking

TNDM Trucking is the dedicated carrier delivering on a round-trip base for clients and allowing them to focus on the future success of their business, because we, at TNDM Trucking, can guarantee personalized, stable, safe & continuous cooperation. Combining a unique proposition of dedicated fleet service while remaining an independent fleet owner, backed by the Girteka Group, we all, at TNDM Trucking, are ready to provide tailored transportation services to clients across Europe, who wish to remain in control of their supply chain processes yet do not intend to or do not have the ability, to dip their toes into buying their own trucks.  

This is where TNDM Trucking comes in, providing just the right fleet of trucks and trailers for lease and/or rent for clients to ensure a consistent run of their partners’ supply chains with a non-stop trucking partner. The road transportation provider is able to dedicate contracted transportation solutions including the option to pick out the right trailer according to the partner’s needs: reefer, MEGA, or a tautliner.  

Accelerate the growth of your core business with a stable capacity of modern trucks and trailers that bring the best trucking experience provided by a seasoned and dedicated carrier – TNDM Trucking.

Reach out to get your offer:

Virginija Drevinskienė
Head of Central EU Development Division
+370 616 79264

Martynas Čivilis
Head of South EU Development Division
+370 614 74876

Vytautas Meižikas
Head of Spedition Division
+370 614 16879

For all other questions:

TNDM Trucking, UAB
Eisiskiu pl. 34, Vilnius, Lithuania
Company code: 302817897
VAT code: LT100007003510