Why you need to start working with TNDM Trucking?

Since our establishment in 2016, our unique business model and experienced management allowed us to grow from a fleet of just over 50 trucks and 50 trailers to a company that possesses more than 700 trucks, 364 tautliner trailers, and more than 180 refrigerated trailers that allow us to deliver on our customers’ promises with our dedicated fleet solution reliably.

Why work with us?

Working with TNDM Trucking for the best truck experience. Part of the reason why so is the fact that there is only a single point of contact – a single manager – that connects you, the customer, and the driver assigned to your lanes, meaning that there is very little room for miscommunication between the three parties. Furthermore, our main advantage is our unique business model that is perfectly catered to the companies that have the know-how of managing supply chains and logistics inside warehouses but lack the equipment, namely trucks and trailers, to turn their knowledge into practice without spending too much capital on purchasing and maintaining their fleet of vehicles.

TNDM Trucking’s ambition is to have the best trucking experience based on timely updates, a single point of contact, transport surveillance 24/7, and proactive problem-solving. Professional drivers and managers on both sides work in tandem to keep delivering on our clients‘ promises. If you are a company that has a lot of shipments that you simply do not have any trucks for, as an independent fleet owner, our transportation services will help you avoid situations whereupon you do not have enough Full Truckload (FTL) capacity and direct your attention solely to finding customers to fill the trucks that you have leased from TNDM Trucking.

To summarize, our transport fleet will be the stable foundation for your supply chain needs across Europe, as our dedicated trucks and trailers, which can also be branded according to your needs, will continue driving for you on round trip bases and delivering on your promises to your customers.

Meeting extended sustainability goals

Modern & new fleet of trucks and trailers

Full-value chain control

Single point of contact

Evening and night shifts, monitoring 24/7

TNDM Trucking at a glance

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