Tailored transportation services across Europe

We are a unique supplier of dedicated trucks and trailers with professional drivers tailored to your needs and requirements

With our dedicated fleet services solution you can be certain that your cold chain logistics will be taken care of. Our reefers are secured with safety equipment certified according to the TAPA TSR level 1 standard, which is the highest level of security, and are re-calibrated annually to make sure that they can fulfill their role accordingly

Single & double-deck trailers

Accelerate the growth of your core business with a stable capacity of modern trucks and trailers that bring the best trucking experience provided by a seasoned and dedicated carrier – TNDM Trucking

Average age 1 year

Temperature range from
-25 C to +25C

All semi-trailers equipped with thermographs and T-Bars

Newest cooling units

Do not lose your personality brand our trailers with your logo!

While it might seem like partnering with a company providing dedicated trucking services would mean that you would not be visible on the road, TNDM Trucking’s experience in the logistics industry has allowed the company to understand the basic necessity of its customers to still be present on the road in the eyes of their clientele. That is why even if you come to an agreement regarding the rental and leasing of trucks and trailers from the road freight transportation provider, you will still be represented on the road, as we offer branding services for our customers on our trailers.

As a result, even if you do not own any of the trucks that are carrying your cargo, your customers will still see your logo on trailers on the roads of Europe. While it might seem trivial, having your brand be present helps consumers stay mindful whenever they are making a decision to either shop or do any kind of other activities associated with your business’s bread and butter, allowing you to keep the edge against your competition.

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Working in Tandem for the best trucking experience

We have implemented an extended pricing option to adapt each service plan according to individual clients’ needs

Standard reefer trailer service:

  • New trucks with professional drivers
  • Single-deckers (up to 33 pallets)
  • Double-deckers (up to 66 pallets)
  • Horizontal & vertical fastening system secures cargo
  • Thermo-mapped and annually calibrated
  • Automated daily updates

Why choose us?

  • Fast problem solving with top management
  • Easily adaptable changes and customer needs
  • Same manager deals with client and driver
  • Tailored & flexible trucking solutions
  • Account plan updated quarterly
  • Regular updates about truck situation
While our refrigerated trailers from our transport fleet come unbranded, we do offer our customers the ability to brand the trailers accordingly, as we realize how important it is for you to be seen on the road, especially if you provide services or consumables to customers. Thus, even if you choose our dedicated fleet services, you will continue being seen on the road with the latest trucks and trailers that are available on the market, also positively contributing to your supply chain’s emissions reduction. By being part of the Girteka Group and having access to the Drivers’ Academy, TNDM Trucking’s drivers have recurring training to ensure that when they are carrying temperature-sensitive goods, they do so economically, safely, and that the full truckload (FTL) arrives at its destination without any damage.

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