Are you a haulier?

If you are a carrier who is looking for a stable and long-term partnership with a major road transportation service provider, why not consider working as a supplier for TNDM Trucking?

If you have a fleet of good quality Trucks and 13.6LDM tautliners plus ambition to grow and guarantee the best transportation services – let’s talk

We are looking for long-term partnerships to work together inside Europe. Particularly in Italy, France, Germany, Benelux, Austria, Spain.

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Why work with us?

The main advantages of working with TNDM Trucking as a carrier with your own trucks and tautliner trailers are:

Competitive and fair market prices

Keeping your fleet busy no matter the month or the peak season

You receive the same amount no matter if you are loaded or unloaded

Focused on lanes in Western/Central Europe

If you have a fleet of good quality Trucks and 13.6LDM tautliners plus ambition to grow and guarantee the best transportation services - let's talk.

Having the backing of Girteka Group ensures that our payments will come to you reliably and promptly. Furthermore, we are focused on long-term partnerships, as we believe that we can develop a mutually-beneficial cooperation with our professional and cooperation-focused team at TNDM Trucking. We also compensate for any of your tunnel, rail, or ferry expenses, ensuring that your expenses are covered accordingly.

By partnering with us as a carrier, you will have the stable foundation upon which you can grow and expand your fleet, or to ensure that your transport management processes inside the company are up to scratch, which will allow you to become more efficient and at the same time, more competitive in the market.

What we offer?

To keep your fleet busy all year-round

Full trucks loads in Western Europe

Professional and cooperative team

Competitive and fair market prices

Reliable and prompt payments

To compensate tunnel and train expenses

To pay same price for loaded and empty KM’S

Longlasting partnership

Opportunity to grow and expand your business

TNDM Trucking does not shy away from sharing its knowledge about the road transportation industry with its partners, as we are attentative towards their well-being, as well as committed to a partnership that will last for years to come. We believe that stability and honest communication goes a long way to provide the best customer experience possible and if you share the same views – let’s talk!

Are you a haulier? We have an offer for you!

What we expect?

Honest communication

An open and honest relationship is a key to the strong partnership

Long term cooperation

We are interested in partners for long term contracts.

Reliability and fleet maintenance

Neat and well-maintained fleet

Qualified personnel

Trained and professional drivers and managers